Sweet street

4.200,00 incl.

A beautiful painting on canvas. In a large size.

Modern and abstract with a touch of urban style.

Amazing colors on a natural looking background. Bambi love.

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Tell me, is a large painting of 1,6 x 1,6  meters.
It is a modern abstract painting with a touch of urban.

The friendliest character there is has been incorporated into the painting. 
It's when pop art is meant to be. A combination of modern, abstract, pop, urban and cartoon. 
All in the style of Christian. It radiates happiness, you want that hanging in your home. 
A painting with a positive message. All elements are included.

This creates peace in a beautiful colorful whole. Tell me invites you to start a conversation, as art is meant to be. Art connects people. This painting is also an example of this.

Made in 2021

Dimensions 160 x 160 cm

Extra informatie

Gewicht 25 kg
Afmetingen 160 × 160 × 3 cm