Biography Christian van Hedel

Christian van Hedel is my name. Born in 1974 in Dinther (Netherlands). Since my very early years, I have always been creative with pencils, paint and a camera. In order to express my feeling and imagination, I did draw or wrote. I have been painting on the canvas with acrylics and oil paint since the year 2000. Only much later, since 2014, I started to exhibit my artworks at galleries and Art fairs all over the world. Since 2014 I am professionally involved in the production of art in the form of paintings, drawings, photography, photo-art and a combination of all this in a mixedmedia work. My works are now sold worldwide (China, India, USA, and in Europe).

By following various drawing lessons, painting workshops and through many years of experience I managed to develop into an artist as I am now. Every artwork is a study and a learning process for the next artwork. It is a development that never stops. Of course I will continue to learn, Like I do following a study at the Utrecht art academy HKU for visual arts.

The paintings that I produce originate from emotion and from contemporary events that touches me personally. Converting the unconscious to the conscious. Accepting the emotional developments of me as a person in daily life. The creation of visual art is for me as telling a story or poetry.

Art is something absolute, something positive, wich give power, just as food gives power!